Granite Kitchen Countertop Edge Profiles in Phoenix

Standard Granite Kitchen and Bath Countertop Edge Profiles for Phoenix

We offer 6 of the most popular edge profiles for our Granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. The standard profiles below are included in our “Granite Kitchen Countertops at Cost promotion.  We have a dozen more custom edge profiles to select from at an additional cost due the tooling costs and fabrication/shaping labor.

We have over 30 stock colors of Granite on any given day and we are authorized dealers for several quality Granite suppliers in the valley that we have worked with since 2006.

No, we do not deal with or re-sell cheap low quality Granite imported from China, we cannot warranty the imported Granite due the amount of unstable fissures, pits and flaking on top of the low luster finishes due lack of pressure applied honing.

Granite Kitchen Countertop Edge Profiles for Phoenix