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Starmark Quality Cabinetry, Kitchen, Bath, Office, Entertainment Centers and more.

As a Premier Starmark Cabinets Dealer and Licensed General Contractor RCO274600 Kitchen AZ LLC offers over 30 years of home remodeling experience.  We’re a team of master craftsman who take pride in every aspect of our workmanship and the value of the hand selected construction materials and suppliers we deal with. We deal direct, there are no middlemen, and we’re accountable for every aspect of the suppliers warranty and service.  We are here for the entire life-cycle of all we do, and our 5 year workmanship guaranty is one of the best in the industry as well.

We selected Starmark and their exceptional line of cabinetry due to their 35 years of business with a track record of superior quality, customer service and having one of the industries best product warranties available today.

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Starmark Quality Standards Mean True All Wood Cabinetry, Made right here in the USA.

At StarMark Cabinetry, a cabinet isn’t punched out of wood and then stored on a warehouse shelf until we order it. They make each cabinet by hand, one at a time, to our designers exact specifications

Are you wondering if you can afford cabinetry that our professional kitchen designers specify? You can! When you compare a quote for our StarMark Cabinetry to a quote from a home center, remember:

  • Your StarMark Cabinetry will last your lifetime. It won’t need to be replaced after ten years.
  • Your installation bill will be smaller with StarMark Cabinetry. Our custom cabinetry arrives to your home assembled, saving precious dollars on installation and giving you unparalleled fit and finish.
  • StarMark Cabinetry is built in 1/16 inch increments, so you can use every inch of space in the room.

The Ultimate Upgrade: Upgrade to an ALL WOOD Cabinet for FREE.

A cabinet with the Ultimate Upgrade is a true ALL WOOD cabinet!
1. We replace the 1/2″ thick hardwood plywood side panels with 3/4″ thick hardwood plywood side panels.
2. We replace the 3/4″ thick engineered shelves with 3/4″ thick veneered plywood hardwood shelves.

Love Your Cabinets in Virtually Any Color

StarMark Cabinetry creates custom colors so you can get what you want. Exactly what you want!

We have matched:
  • paint swatches
  • stain swatches
  • fabric
  • furniture
  • and more.

Starmark Door Styles, How about over 100

From Traditional to Ornate, Contemporary to Distressed or Rustic and Transitional to Chic.

Starmark Cabinets in 8 Wood Species

1. Alder   2. Cherry   3. Hickory   4. Lyptus   5. Maple   6. Oak   7. Bamboo   8. Rosewood

**Starmark Rustic door styles available in: Alder, Cherry and Hickory

Let our professional designers show you the world of Starmark door styles in color during yopur complimentary custom design session.

Call 623-866-7564 to schedule your complimentary custom design and estimate today, or visit our showroom 4915 W Bell Rd Suite F-102 Glendale, AZ. 85308